Pirate AuthorI create stories for that time in childhood when our imaginary and real worlds still coexist, when our stuffed animals have real adventures while we are asleep.

I am a children’s story teller, not a story writer. When I sit with my grandkids, the stories begin. They start with a character (often a stuffed animal), then flow, destination unknown, directed by the child’s reaction and unbidden inspiration. They become written stories only later, usually from recordings on my phone.

I began to tell bedtime stories when our youngest, a redhead, was five. Her stuffed animal was a well-worn tan beagle named Jamie. The stories involved the escapades of the little red-headed girl, Jamie Dog and the Rabbit.
Red headed girl on bike with dog
Our grandsons, 25 years later, became the inspiration for new collections of stories. Now, our next crop of grandkids has reached storytelling age and the stories continue.

Current Projects

Trombley Tales are taken from the stories I told children in the pre-K program at Trombley School. The first, Snow Day – A Winter’s Tale, has just been published.

Snow Day Front and Back Cover

You can purchase Snow Day! through my illustrator Amelia’s website, ameliacatherineillustration.com , for $6.99 plus $1.00 shipping and handling.


Pirates and palm tree


Pirate Tales, a series of bedtime stories I told my grandsons, are in production. They follow Pirate George and the crew of the Dirty Dog as they sail the Caribbean.



Get a Free Children’s Story

On a spring workday at YMCA Camp Hayo-Went-Ha, Christof and Katie, two five-year-olds, helped me move a ton of wood chips. Get a free copy of HYWA, the Beaver Who Went to Camp, my story explaining where all the wood chips came from.