Torch Lake Summers
Growing Up At Camp Hayo-Went-Ha
By Craig Hupp, as told by Dave Keena
Illustrated by Rob Wilkinson

Torch Lake Summers_Front Cover

Dave Keena, my father-in-law, attended Camp Hayo-Went-Ha on Torch Lake, Michigan as a camper and counselor from 1934 to 1942. Torch Lake Summers, a partly fictional memoir, follows Dave as he grows from a boy to a young man and leader during those nine summers. The reader shares Dave’s adventures from his first train ride to camp in 1934 to the last day in August 1942 when he shook hands with his best friend as they parted company in Detroit, heading their separate ways to war. In between, Dave learns that the hardest times can be the best times, that friendship and leadership demand we put others ahead of ourselves, and how sweet a kiss can be at a midnight rendezvous.

John U. Bacon, a camp alum and national best-selling author: “Torch Lake Summers is a sweet story, full of humor, heart, and soul.”

Dave Martin, Executive Director, Hayo-Went-Ha: “Craig is a master storyteller. A great friend of camp, he has faithfully brought camp in the 1930s to life in Torch Lake Summers.”

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Get a free copy of Chapter 6 – Friendship, and journey with Dave and his best friend, Tommy Baldwin, as they learn the meaning of friendship on a canoe trip down the Manistee River.

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